HCR EP17 Pat Austin Top 10 NHRA Drag Race Champion Interview & More


In this episode we kick off the show discussing the latest Tesla debacle and more from the automotive world.

Then it’s onto Windshield View where we cover the latest in project vehicles, vehicle of the day and more.
Up next is our Interview with Pat Austin Top 10 NHRA Drag Race Champion. Pat took the drag strip at a young age and became a speed demon who terrorized the drag strips around the Northwest and the greater United States.

Pat is listed as one of NHRA top ten drag racers with a long history of championships under his belt. Pat shares with us a bit about his days as a driver and how his Father played a key role in his entrance into racing.

These days pat owns and operates Pro-Max Auto Shops in the Federal Way region. For more visit www.pro-max.com.

Up next we have Brady sharing another wonderful story from The Old Car Nut Book.

Of course we have our trivia question and a whole lot more.

So grab yourself a hot cup of coffee and a donut or two and join us or download the show and take it with you, as we bring you another fun and informative show.

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