HCR EP30 The Two Amigos are at it again & More 042018


This week we kick things off with Back to Blacktop where we cover the latest happening from within the automotive world including more bad news from Tesla as they stop production to fix their assembly line, Ford Mustang, Slot cars coming soon to a roadway near you and more. Then it’s onto Windshield View where we cover the latest in project vehicles, vehicle of the day and more.

Up next we have our Candid Conversations but instead of a guest, we discuss what to do with your car collection when you die. Yep, a bit morbid sounding but a real thought provoking discussion well worth listening to.

Then we move onto this week’s story read by Steve. He chose a story from Lance Lambert’s, Gears, Grins and Gasoline, My Wheel Life Adventures book, you’ll certainly enjoy.
This week we drop the Trivia Question for a few yuks.

So grab yourself a hot cup of coffee and a donut or two and join us or download the show and take it with you, as we bring you another fun and informative show.

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