HCR EP12 Larry Hanson Show Promoter Extraordinaire Interview & More


This week we kick things off by discussing the latest iteration of the Mazda Miata and how the launch of this car back in 1989 made a profound impact on the auto industry.

Up next we bring on our guest Larry Hanson Show promoter extraordinaire. Larry has been part of the Auto Show scene since 1958 when he began working on auto shows in SOCAL. He has since that time put on an average of 20 shows a year. It’s only been this last year he slowed down to doing 9 a year!

Larry is an avid car builder as well, so not only does he know about cars he knows how to make award winning ones too. We take a quick drive down memory lane and more with Larry Hanson as he shares with us his passion for the automobile and hot rodding.

Of course we have Brady sharing a great story from the Old Car Nut Series. Of course we have our trivia question and a whole lot more.

So grab yourself a hot cup of coffee and a donut or two and join us or download the show and take it with you, as we bring you another fun and informative show.

HCR EP2 Lance Lambert Host Vintage Vehicle TV Show Interview & More

Join us this week as we bring on Lance Lambert Author, writer and host of the long running Vintage Vehicle TV Show.

Lance shares with us a bit about his new book A Kids kingdom as well as chats with the team about various cars and collector stuff.

Of course we cover Back to the Blacktop, Windshield view, Cars Confidential and this weeks trivia answer and question.


First blog post


Welcome to the Horsepower Chrome and Rust blog covering car culture and the automotive world. This blog is designed to be an extension of the Horsepower Chrome and Rust weekly podcast launched on October 11th, 2017.

We are very excited about what this show and blog will be doing. Our plans will be to bring you not only up to date information related to the world of automobiles but also very cool content not found elsewhere.

Feel free to comment on any of the shows and the articles showcased on this blog. If you have something you wish to share with us or wish to contribute to this blog or the associated show; be it an article, event, art, video or book related to the car culture, then use the contact form to do so and we will respond accordingly.

We look forward to adding new content to this blog on a regular basis but right now we are focused on honing our podcasting skills which should take a few episodes. Once we have our show legs under us we will be full speed ahead and be able to turn our attention to finding and adding cool content you will enjoy consuming.

In the mean time we invite you to take a listen to our brand new Horsepower Chrome and Rust podcast covering car culture and the automotive world.